To serve societies, national and global, by establishing and applying standards that assure quality and continuous improvement in the preparation of gerontologists reflecting the evolving nature of higher education, research and practice.



Recognized and valued by all stakeholders as the leader in accreditation of gerontology education.


Why Accredit Gerontology Programs?

Accreditation of gerontology programs promotes professional mobility and enhances employment opportunities in positions that base eligibility upon graduation from an accredited school or program. 


  • For the public, it promotes quality of life, health, safety,and welfare by assuring competent gerontology professionals
  • For prospective employers, it assures that graduates have essential skills and knowledge needed for today’s jobs
  • For prospective students, it provides assurance that the program has been evaluated and has met accepted standards established by the field
  • For gerontology programs, it provides professional credibility and assurance of adequate institutional resources


Eligibility for Accreditation:

Higher education degree-granting programs in gerontology, specifically associate degree, baccalaureate degree, and master’s degree programs, are eligible to apply to AGEC for accreditation.


Organization of AGEC:

AGEC is a 501c3 organization that collaborates with, but is independent of the Gerontological Society of America and the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education.   It is overseen by a Board of Governors consisting of nine members representing higher education gerontology programs and entities associated with the field of aging.  The organizational structure also includes review teams, site visitors, an executive director, and staff.


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